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Lotusphere Day(s) 1 1/2

I've got a ton to do, but I figure if I don't at least blog something now, I'll never do it at all this week, and I know I'll have a lot to share.

The trip down was uneventful, and I didn't even have to wait long for the Mears shuttle this year (and the Dolphin was the first stop).

I have a rather nice room - I'm not sure what to call it, but the closest I can come up with is a one-room suite.  So essentially a living room with a Murphy bed that folds down from the wall.  Pretty comfortable, and being in the Dolphin is nice (especially since all the Sametime sessions are here).

I had a really nice time at the Penumbra dinner last night - although I got there over an hour late.  It was good to finally put the faces behind the voices of the Taking Notes guys, as well as to meet some folks that I hadn't met before (and of course to catch up with the people that I had).

I had every intention of making it over to the blogging get together yesterday afternoon, but as soon as I got in I pretty much dropped my bags in my room and headed over to help work on Unified Communications and Collaboration keynote that will take place Tuesday morning, not to emerge again until almost 8.  It was fun, though - I like the behind-the-scenes stuff, and it was interesting to see the inner workings of getting scripts into and updated for the teleprompter.

This morning I attended the Business Development day opening, and then Akiba and I had our first session at BD Day.  It was really well attended, and it was exciting to not only how many attendees were already using Sametime, but were already on Sametime 7.5.

I was hoping to attend the "Large Scale Deployments of Sametime" jumpstart, but went back into keynote prep mode the rest of the day.  I heard it had a full house, though, as did Wes Morgan's Sametime architecture jumpstart (and the repeat).  A good sign for the week to come.

I should get back to work.  OGS tomorrow morning, then David and I are doing the Sametime Futures session, then lots of press interviews.  

Oh - and I need to drink more water.  I can already feel my voice drying out, which is not a good thing when I still have 3 more sessions to deliver this week.