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Lotusphere Day 3 (real day 3)

I'm updating my numbering since I seem to have gotten a bit of a head start and gained a day somewhere.

True to form, I'm not going to go into as much detail as I'd like. Despite my best efforts of breaking away from dinner at 11:15 (and only getting stopped three times between the table and the elevator :), I still didn't manage to start writing until, well, now.  That's what I get for checking the feed reader, I guess.  Although I'm glad I did, because I somehow forgot to add the blogger BOF to my calendar, and having missed the blogger dinner on Sunday, the blogger press conference on Monday, and I think some kind of blogging-related session today (?), I'm going to be there.  Alarm... 6am... set... done.   ***UPDATE - OK, when the date on the PC says "Wednesday" but it's after midnight, that means that Thursday is still 2 days away.  I'm off by a day on the blogging thing.  I really need to get to bed.***

OK - a brief run through the day:

Bruce and Akiba did a great job in their keynote this morning (and I know I'm biased, but that seemed to be the consensus of everyone else I spoke to, as well.  The analyst panel brought out some excellent points, the Sametime demos ran smoothly (and showed a lot more than we had a chance to in the opening session), and I couldn't take my eyes off of the Dassault demo... (I actually found them on the show floor to watch it again.)  They've integrated Sametime into their 3D modeling system so you can click on an individual part in a 3-D design model and it will build a contextual buddy list of all the people that own/work on that part and show you who's online.  That's powerful.

I managed to talk to maybe 1/3 of the Sametime partners on the show floor... need to spend more time there tomorrow.

I made it as far as the door to a session today before getting called away... so close :)  

After many phone, IM, and blog conversations, I got to meet Melanie Turek and Volker Weber in person.

At a customer lunch they basically validated our strategy... When the potential for audio integration came up and I asked who they were using for telephony, they replied by rattling off systems from 3-4 different vendors, all used in the company.  

Tomorrow I'm presenting in two sessions, and plan to attend a few more.  Another busy day.

Oh - and the question of the day.  Since I'm allergic to down pillows, I requested that they send up some foam pillows, which they did.  However, despite the fact that every night I've moved the down pillows off the bed and replaced them with the foam pillows, when they make up the room every day they have moved the foam pillows from the bed to the couch and put the down pillows back on the bed.  Why?  Shouldn't it be clear by the 3rd day?  Why are they creating more work for themselves?  

OK - I've really got to stop typing now.