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Lotusphere day 3

Now that the official news is out of the way...  Here's my day 3 of Lotusphere (so far).  And apologies in advance for the stream-of-conscious blogging going on this week.

I began by joining PSC and some of the other Lotus bloggers they also host for breakfast - it was nice to finally meet the people I've been working with by e-mail and IM for all this time.  (Of course, I showed up at 7 for a 7:15 breakfast - not sure how that happened - I really could have used the extra time).  But it worked out well - I ran into some of the team from Siemens, and it was good to catch up with them.

The Opening General Session was really something this morning.  Akiba and Bruce did a great job laying out where we are going to be taking Sametime and really just scratching the surface on our focus on Unified Communications and Collaboration, and of course Ron Sebastian did a great job (as always) with the demos - showing (if I can remember it all now) integration with Cisco, including integrated presence, click-to-call, and voice mail integration; Radvision (for multi-point video); Blackberry (for click-to-call from the device from a Sametime chat session); and Microsoft Office integration.  Sametime also reappeared throughout the day, as Ron demonstrated Notes 8, Activities, Dogear and how they are all integrated with Sametime.

It's great seeing the positive buzz Lotus Connections and Lotus Quickr are getting already (and it's great to be able to talk about it publicly, finally!)  

After the OGS I ran down to meet with the product crew again about tomorrow morning's UCC keynote, and then back upstairs for the Sametime Futures session.  I have to say, just about every Sametime session so far, including yesterday's jumpstarts, have been standing room only (for a not-too-small room).  It's really great to see over half the room raise their hands to say they're already running Sametime, and about the same number saying they're already rolling out Sametime 7.5.  We also got some helpful feedback about the direction we're planning to go in, and that's great, too.

I had press and analyst interviews in the afternoon (and my apologies to anyone effected by the scheduling snafu this afternoon... somehow the PR team and I didn't properly connect over the fact that I couldn't be on stage from 1-2 and be doing interviews at the same time :)

I attended the Social Computing keynote, where despite the fact that I've been using dogear and activities internally for a while now, I still learned some new things it can do.  Now it's off to to the press reception for lunch, er dinner, and then the BP reception (if I make it that far).

I do want to say that it's really been interesting (and fun) to see how many people have been coming up to me and introducing themselves, either IBMers or people who know me by name (if not by sight) from this blog.  Keep grabbing me when you see me!