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The New Annual "Best in Lotusphere Chotski Award"

Just before Lotusphere, we highlighted the winner & finalists for the Best Unified Communications & Collaboration Award from Lotus. I also want to congratulate three other business partner award winners:

The Best in Lotusphere Showcase Award "recognizes an IBM Business Partner that has adopted and leveraged the latest Lotus technologies, has made a significant investment in IBM and Lotus, and has an exhibit on the Showcase floor that demonstrates a fresh, unique and powerful solution that provides significant customer value." This winner was Instant Technology for their Instant Queue Manager.

Instant Queue Manager from Instant Technology enables organizations to manage and respond to requests for information from internal and external users in real time. Leveraging Lotus Sametime Instant Queue Manager allows easy management and prioritization of instant messaging queues via the location of an online expert who can quickly respond to requests. Features including quick and easy configuration, archiving and reporting capabilities and support for mobile clients make this a compelling solution for internal help desks, sales and customer support teams across multiply industries.

The Best in Lotusphere Chotski Award is my own personal recognition for the most entertaining promotional items given out on the show floor. This was a close call but the winner was Premiere Global Services for their combo give away, Nerf-like dart guns and outstanding mini chocolate bars. (My kids and I have had a great time with the Nerf dart guns.) Premiere is a "global provider of on-demand, communication technologies-based business process improvement solutions." Their ReadyConference Audio offering integrates with Sametime 8.0 to let users instantly initiate an audio or web conference with a single click from Sametime.

The runner up was Callwave. They had a great twist on the ever-present coffee mug. Their mug came with a heater you plug into your computer's USB port. Original and functional - your beverage will never get cold again. At Lotusphere, Callwave announced the immediate availability of Sametime support for their WebMessenger iPhone IM client. You can download WebMessenger from the iPhone App Store.... but have to contact Callwave for details on how to enable Sametime.