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Lotusphere 2008: Sametime All The Time

The Lotusphere session list has been posted, and in addition to looking like a killer lineup across the board, I'm very excited about the Lotus Sametime and Unified Communications and Collaboration related sessions.  

And, just like last year, Dolphin Southern Hemisphere IV-V will be your home for everything Sametime.  

We've got 15 core sessions across the tracks (a few of which will repeat), not to mention jump starts, hands-on sessions, and sessions at BD Day.  Over the course of the week, we'll cover our roadmap, deep dives on Sametime Standard 8 and Sametime Advanced 8, and provide views into our overall product strategy and specifically our Unified Communications and telephony strategies and roadmap.  We'll give you a glimpse of things to come, and provide you with the concrete information you need to go back and sell your management on why you need to be using this technology (if you're not already).  We've got details on developing plugins, and sessions and a hands-on lab on the Sametime Gateway (as well as the client).  Wes Morgan is returning for his always popular Sametime Deployment jumpstart, and we're adding a new jumpstart on how you can leverage and make the most of the Sametime platform.  You'll find details on integrating Sametime with Microsoft Office, and learn more about Sametime Unyte.  And of course, you'll find Sametime and our Business Partners all over the show floor, the developer labs, and elsewhere.  

It's going to be a great event!

JMP101 - IBM Lotus Sametime Deployment Workshop
JMP208 - Leveraging the IBM Lotus Sametime Platform

Track 1:
INV108 - IBM Lotus Sametime Strategy and Roadmap: The Future of Unified Communications and Collaboration

Track 2:
AD112 - Developing Plug-ins for IBM Lotus Sametime Connect: Overview
AD113 - Developing Plug-ins for IBM Lotus Sametime Connect: Deep Dive

Track 3:
ID301 - The IBM Lotus Sametime Technical Vision
ID302 - The Business Value of Real-Time and Unified Communications
ID303 - IBM Lotus Sametime Standard 8 Deep Dive
ID304 - IBM Lotus Sametime Advanced 8 deep dive
ID305 - IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte: Anytime, Anywhere Web Conferencing
ID306 - IBM Lotus Sametime Mobile - Today and Tommorow
ID307 - The Future of Unified Meetings
ID308 - Integrating IBM Lotus Sametime with Microsoft Office
ID309 - Experiencing Unified Telephony in IBM Lotus Sametime
ID310 - Focus on Unified Communications: Integrating IBM Lotus Sametime with Telephony
ID311 - Unified Communications and Collaboration: Secrets to a Successful Implementation

Track 4:
BP105 - Installing and Administrating the IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway

Hands-on Sessions:
HND301 - Deploying & Managing the IBM Lotus Sametime Connect Client
HND302 - IBM Lotus Sametime Gateway - Setup and Administration

Business Development Day:
BDD103 - Making Money With the Expanded IBM Lotus Sametime Product Family
BDD108 - Real World Unified Communication and Collaboration Value for Your SMB Customers on a Single System