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Lotus Sametime Unyte now available for purchase through Passport Advantage

The Lotus Sametime Unyte team announced today that you can now purchase (and for those of you who are IBM Business Partners, sell) access to use the Lotus Sametime Unyte service through IBM Passport Advantage just like other IBM software (well, there are some differences - as it is still a service and not a perpetual license).

When you purchase access to Sametime Unyte this way, you only need to purchase a subscription license for the meeting host.  There are three levels of licensing depending on how many participants you would like to be able to attend the meeting for that host - 14 participants, 24 participants, or 99 participants.

And, as always, you can try out a free trial of the Sametime Unyte service, too.

IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting, an Internet-delivered Web conferencing service, is especially useful outside the boundaries of a corporate firewall. It offers a full-function Web conference capability without the management of on-site software deployment and support. With integrated voice conferencing features, the Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting service is perfect for any meeting where you want to enhance the dialog by sharing a document, presentation, or application. Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting Web conferencing provides key features such as presentation and application sharing, annotation, and hand-raising. The Lotus Sametime Unyte Meeting service also goes beyond basic Web conferencing and provides advanced features such as recording, polling, question, and answer session management.

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