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Lotus Sametime tip of the day: Auto-replace Text

If there are phrases or acronyms you use a lot when sending IMs, here's a tip you may find useful.  I know IM is often a more informal communication vehicle and acronyms, while not as common as in SMS text messaging, are often expected and accepted.  Still, there may be times where you want to spell things out, or, like in my case, where you find yourself using acronyms with special characters on a fairly regular basis.

Basically, you can use the same function that automatically convert this:  :)  to this: Autoreplace2.jpg  to autoreplace text, too.  As an example, here's what I did to automatically have Sametime change uc2 to UC²

1.  Go into Sametime preferences
2.  Select Emoticon Palettes
3.  Click on "Add Text" and enter the text you want to autoreplace (in my case I pasted in the phrase "UC²")
4.  In the "Keyboard" text box on the right, type the shorthand/acronym (in my case, I typed "uc2")


That's it... now when I'm sending a chat to someone and type uc2 it auto-replaces with UC².

(Of course, what I really need is a more robust autoreplace feature so that it fixes for me all the words I'm discovering I can't spell right on the first try, like sentence (sentance?) and referred (refered?)... but we've got a lot of priorities for Sametime, so we'll just have to see about this one.)