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Lotus Sametime and FaceTime Webcast: Simplify Infrastructure, Lower Costs, and Increase Security

A webcast I recorded last week in conjunction with FaceTime Communications is now available for replay here.   You'll hear me talk about the business value of real-time collaboration and unified communications and collaboration and the Lotus Sametime roadmap, and Frank Cabri (VP of Marketing and Product Management at FaceTime) talk about the added benefits that companies can realize when deploying FaceTime for additional management and compliance monitoring on top of a Sametime deployment.  (Not to mention scary statistics like a 2200% increase in inbound threats over the last 15 months, or 80% of IT managers reporting at least one "greynet"-related security incident in the past 6 months.)

Join IBM & FaceTime to learn:
  • How to simplify your infrastructure and lower costs with IBM Lotus Sametime
  • How to transition from multiple public IM clients and P2P applications to a safe, secure, collaboration environment featuring integrated communication clients
  • How FaceTime Enterprise Edition complements Lotus Sametime deployments
  • Real case studies that demonstrate proven best practices for a successful IM project

Presented by: Adam Gartenberg, Offering Manager, Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC2), IBM Software Group, IBM; Frank Cabri, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management, FaceTime Communications, Inc.

Link:  Simplify Infrastructure, Lower Costs, and Increase Security  (registration required)