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Lotus Sametime and customer webcasts

For those of you who might not have visited the Lotus Sametime homepage in the last few days, we have refreshed the content of the site, and I wanted to be sure to pass along some new resources that have been added to the site (or that weren't as prominently displayed as they are now).

First off is a recording of Lotus General Manager Mike Rhodin's keynote at the VoiceCon Fall conference the other month.  If you want a good, concise view of IBM's strategy in the Unified Communications space, the reasons why you should be considering rolling out unified communications in general (and from IBM specifically), and to see how we announced our product roadmap along with live demos of some of the forthcoming capabilities, this is a must-see.  (And even if you don't have time for the full hour-long presentation, I'd strongly recommend viewing at least the first 15 minutes).  

We also now have available replays of the webcasts recorded with three organizations using Sametime:  Colgate-Palmolive, the PGA Tour, and IBM.  If you're wondering whether Sametime is right for your organization, or if there are people you've been trying to convince in your company, come see first=hand how Sametime is being used by these diverse organizations, with impacts both to their top and bottom lines..

Finally, Wainhouse Research recently published an extremely extensive and detailed look at Lotus Sametime.  We've made available for you at no charge an abridged (but still rather extensive) version of the paper.

As always, my thanks to the people who participated in these sessions, including Mitch Cohen, Chris Pepin and Steve Evans, and the team in IBM who helped coordinate and produce these and made them available.

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