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Lotus Notes 8.5.1 - My favorite 8.5(.1) things so far

Hats off to the entire team working on designing, building, testing and marketing Notes 8.5.1.  I upgraded when it went GA, having been a bit too busy to try out in beta period.  Like so many of the other reviews I've read, I've come away very impressed.

Having used it for a week or so now, here my favorite 8.5(.1) enhancements in this release:

1.  Hyperlink button:  Now that my blogging has picked up again, I use this a lot.  HUGE improvement over the old multi-click method.  Huge.

2.  Longer dropdown list for file names and file size

3.  Toolbar icons for permanent pen, highlighter, and text color

4.  Accept/Decline toolbar in preview pane

5.  Drag and drop to calendar (saving time over the copy into/new calendar entry)

6.  File Navigator plugin (I know this isn't tied to 8.5.1, but I just came across it, and it's a HUGE time saver for me.)

7.  I know it's a little thing, but I like that Notes now hides bullets on blank lines instead of leaving me with a list interspersed with bullets on otherwise blank lines

8.  Continued improvements in performance

8.5(.1).  Autoreplace spellcheck (now I truly never need to worry about spelling "sentance" correctly again.  It'll earn the other half point when I can customize the autoreplace list).