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Lotus Knows: join us for an Idea Jam

Image:Lotus Knows: join us for an Idea Jam
Ed Brill mentioned in a recent blog entry the upcoming Lotus Knows campaign will be kicking off an Idea Jam:

Registration is now open for the "Lotus Knows IdeaJam" taking place next week.  You can register now at ... You can use the next week to brainstorm on topics and ideas for the jam, which goes live on the 19th at 8 AM US EDT.  There are four categories of topics for the Lotus Knows IdeaJam:
        •        "Lotus knows working smarter depends on great technology..."
        •        "Lotus knows marketing is key to technology adoption..."
        •        "Lotus knows technology is only great with client success..."
        •        "Lotus knows the world is getting smaller, flatter and smarter..."

There will be many many IBMers participating, but it just won't be the same without you, our loyal customers and Business Partners.  So by all means come join me and the extended Sametime and Lotus teams for an exciting conversation about how Lotus helps you work smarter.  We'de love to hear what you're thinking.

This is part of a broader Lotus Knows campaign you'll be seeing in all sorts of places.