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Lotus knows you’re trying to reach Jane, not her phone number

As we've posted about previously, the Lotus Brand has kicked off a major marketing campaign, Lotus Knows, to show how Lotus technologies are helping people work smarter.  This is especially important for the Sametime community as one of the things we've heard from many of you is that IBM needs to do a better job of (a) showing the Lotus Brand is alive and kickin' and (b) that Lotus is so much more than just Notes/Domino technologies.  Hopefully this effort will help answer some of those concerns.

We would really like to hear from you: how are Lotus Sametime, and other Lotus technologies, helping you work smarter?  What are some of the innovative ways you are using Lotus today?  And most importantly, what should Lotus be doing differently? Feel free to join the conversation in the comments here, on Twitter (search on #lotusknows), Facebook, LinkedIn, or wherever online you might be.