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Lotus Connections Plugin for Lotus Sametime now available

The Lotus Connections plugin for Lotus Sametime has been posted to the new Lotus Connections solution catalog.  This free download will provide a couple of pieces of new functionality.

It will allow you to pull your Sametime business card contact details from Lotus Connections, and it also updates that business card with links back to Lotus Connections so you can easily access someone's profile, blogs, communities, bookmarks, and activities.  


It will also add buttons to your Sametime chat window that will allow you to automatically add the chat to an Activity, or to find related activities.  With one of the key values of Activities being that you can collect all of your documents, action items, conversations, etc. related to a specific work effort in one place, being able to add a chat conversation to the activity is an essential capability.


 Lotus Connections plugin for Lotus Sametime

(Updated 2:30 pm with correct link to Sametime plugin)