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"Location" is where it’s at! Free webinar tomorrow.

It's hard to visit sites like TechCrunch without tripping over posts about location-based services (or to scan through your Facebook feed without hearing from at least one friend who just became mayor of their favorite coffee shop).

If you want to learn more about how you can put location to work yourself, join us tomorrow (Thursday, 5/26) for a free webinar on the serious location capabilities included in DB2 (and even in our free DB2 Express-C product).

Leon Katsnelson describes in more detail why this should be important to you:

Maybe you do something simple like a store locator that helps your customers find your nearest store, or maybe you will get inspired and do some analysis of your customer’s propensity for saving in relation to proximity to specific points of interest, say a beer store? What you do with location data is up to you. To paraphrase a popular Home Depot tag line: “You can do it; DB2 can help”. Don’t take my word for it. We have a free webinar on the DB2 spatial capabilities presented by a David Adler who really understands location data.

Date: Thursday May 27, 2010
Time: 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM Eastern (GMT-04:00)
10:30 AM Central / 8:30 AM Pacific / 16:30 hrs London / 17:30 hrs Frankfurt, Paris / India 9PM
Presented By: Sal Vella (IBM), David Adler (IBM)

Please follow this link to register for this chat.