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LCTY Minneapolis

I'm on my way back from a packed Lotusphere Comes to You event in Minneapolis.  It was literally standing room only for the opening session (and that's after the hotel staff made two trips to bring in more chairs).  I asked some of the attendees and they said they don't remember it being that well attended in prior years - it was encouraging to see.

I delivered the Sametime 7.5.1 and Unified Communications and Collaboration session, and had a good time demoing all (well almost all - I know there's stuff I forgot or just didn't get to) the cool new things coming in Sametime 7.5.1 and beyond.  (And special thanks to George Brichacek for letting me demo some of it from his PC, and for Ani Sanyal for jumping on a video call with me.)  Whenever I do sessions like this I worry that I'm going to run out of material halfway through the session, but I actually ended up going a few minutes after my scheduled time, and that's with running through a whole bunch of things quickly at the end.  In retrospect, I should have spent a lot less time on the slides up front (or should have done what I had joked about doing over lunch, which is ditch them all together.)

It was encouraging to see that probably 3/4 of the room were using Sametime already, with at least half of them already using or looking at Sametime 7.5.  I also had some helpful suggestions for future enhancements from people who stopped by to talk to me afterwards, feedback about which I'm always glad to take.

This was my first time in Minneapolis (not counting transferring planes), and thanks to a temporary but complete inability on my part to read directions or road signs, I took the "scenic" route from the airport to my hotel.  At least I got a nice extended (extended!) driving tour of the downtown area, the University of Minnesota (I'm sorry, but there should only be one "U of M"), and some of the surrounding highways, to boot.  The weather was gorgeous, although I'm pretty sure I still saw some ice floating on the river as I drove over it.

All in all, a good trip.