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Join the "DB2 for z/OS Terabyte Club" and show your pride!

Willie Favero and Gary Crupi are starting a new club, and while I can't join, many of you probably can!

Tell everyone how you can control your cost, stay ecologically sound (think GREEN), and how you are "Best of Breed" at what you do. Show them your stripes, your green stripe that is. And it's so amazingly easy; you'll wonder why we hadn't thought of the idea years ago.

The membership rules for the "DB2 for z/OS Terabyte Club" are pretty simple, and the name says it all.

This could easily be the coolest club you have ever joined. Of course, the best part is that it has only one, very straightforward criterion to qualify for membership. You have to be running one terabyte or larger of raw data in a data warehouse (DW), operational data store (ODS), data mart (DM), reporting system, or any decision support system using DB2 for z/OS on System z.

That's it. See?  I told you it was easy!

Please do read Willie's post for all the details and benefits of club membership, but I did want to point out there are opportunities for Silent Partners (e.g., companies that by policy don't want their names out there publicly) and Full Partners (companies willing to be on the record as club members).  

Link:  Willie Favero:  Tell the world you use the mainframe; and you’re proud of it!!!!