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Join me Thursday for an online Collaboration Summit event

In case you missed me at the virtual session, or haven't yet listened to the webcast I recorded with FaceTime, you have yet another opportunity to hear me speak about Lotus Sametime and our Unified Communications and Collaboration strategy.

You can join me this Thursday (11/8) from 11:00 - 12:00pm Eastern time as I host a Lotus Collaboration Summit Online event focused on Sametime and UC².

Just as the introduction of e-mail and instant messaging reshaped the way we interact with our colleagues, Lotus Sametime and its Unified Communications capabilities greatly increase the speed at which we can find information and react to changes in our business environment while at the same time reducing telephony and other expenses. This session will provide a view into the technology behind Lotus Sametime and the solutions roadmap that will offer advancements in personal, team and organizational productivity and that will deliver on the promise of Unified Communications and Collaboration.

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