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James Taylor and The 451 Group: Information led transformation with decision management

James Taylor has posted some of this thoughts about the recent announcements IBM has made on analytics and the importance of looking to transform one's business through information.

I have been following the recent IBM announcements on analytics closely and have been struck by the increasingly decision-centric point of view being expressed. First there was the business analytics and optimization announcement with its focus on "action support" not "decision support". The new analytic appliances with their focus on making it easier to make better decisions was next and now there is information-led transformation. This latest focus area talks about optimizing every transaction, process and decision at the point of impact, and without requiring that everyone be an analytical expert.... This is great news for those of us focused on decisioning.

Krishna Roy of The 451 Group has also posted a summary of the information-led transformation introduction call we held with analysts earlier this month.  Registration is required to view the report, although it does look like they have trial access available.