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ITWeb: IBM calls for info transformation

ITWeb has detailed coverage of yesterday's Information on Demand Comes to You event in South Africa.  Arvind Krishna, General Manager of Information Management Software, was the keynote speaker, and focused on the need for organizations to think about how they can better optimize their business by proceeding through an information-led transformation.

"The world is changing; it's becoming instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. New business challenges have placed a renewed urgency on optimisation and a need for a new kind of intelligence."
In order to solve this dilemma, Krishna suggested that businesses access information in real-time in order to speed-up the process of decision-making and become competitive in a challenging market.

"More factual information leads to better decision-making and removes unconscious biases. Organisations that are better able to make informed decisions are achieving sizable and sustained competitive advantage," said Krishna, who noted that people, processes and technology are critical to driving business efficiency, cutting costs, and making informed business decisions.

"Plan your information agenda, deploy business analytics to optimise decisions, and gain control with an information platform and infrastructure. The next generation of efficiencies will come from applying predictive, real-time analytics to optimise decisions at every contact point."

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