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IT Business Edge: Implementing UC: Go Slow, and Show the Benefits

I was interviewed earlier this week by IT Business Edge and the article has already been published. (You've got to love real-time media :)

Question: How quickly do you move, once you decide on UC and choose a platform?
You want to take a controlled, phased approach to rolling it out. You want to start with a pilot or a phased rollout. You want to find a fast payback benefit and an early return in terms of further justifying the work. That helps reduce the overall risk level. It's important for people see early benefits in big projects. It is also important for them to see that the value from UC really comes from changing how people work and integrating things into their everyday business processes. It is a good idea to find a project that really delivers that value and also serves as a showcase in how responsive you can be and how effectively users can do their work.


What should an organization look for in a system?
Make sure as you are evaluating your options that you do not lock yourself in down the road. You don't want to be in a position where you are reducing your flexibility. Make sure you are buying a solution that can easily absorb other solutions from organizations that your company acquires. You want to create both an integration process and a rollout procedure that has the most payoff on productivity and from the savings standpoint and from the revenue-driving standpoint.

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 Implementing UC: Go Slow, and Show the Benefits