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Irwin Lazar: "Microsoft, IBM Lotus: Operating Systems for Collaboration?"

Irwin lazar has a great post over at Collaboration Loop, essentially asking the question of whether the Microsoft and Lotus application suites have become the equivalent of "operating systems" for collaboration.

In speaking to a number of startup vendors in the collaboration space, often my first question to them is "How does your product integrate with Microsoft or IBM Lotus office communications applications?" (E.g. Outlook, SameTime, LCS, etc.)  Often the response is "We include our own messaging client or capability."  IMHO, this makes the product a non-starter for the enterprise market.

In conducting our research for an upcoming benchmark on enterprise collaboration, mobility and convergence, it has become quite obvious that the vast majority of enterprises are aligning themselves with strategic collaboration vendors, and these are almost always either IBM or Microsoft. 

Go read the whole post now. Really. I had trouble finding a snippet to pull out here, because I kept wanting to highlight everything and just drag it over here outright.

As Irwin notes as well, we're seeing a lot of acknowledgement from customers that this is a strategy that makes sense to them, and the interest from vendors building solutions on top of Sametime only continues to grow.  The virtual partner showcase gives you just a glimpse into the broader partner community building applications on and integrating with Sametime.  

And if you want to see some of this integration in action, check out the following demos/solutions: