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Give me my iPhone!

Shortly after the iPhone 3G came out, I picked up a white 16GB unit. On the rare occasion when I actually have it... it's great. Unfortunately, my wife is addicted to a game called "Cubes Lite". My daughter (almost six years old) likes to leave me messages in the Notes application. And my son - all of three and a half  - has figured out to get to the Thomas the Tank Engine videos I bookmarked in the YouTube application. If I put that thing down for a second, its gone.

So today my son walked over to my wife, who was working on her laptop, reached out to her LCD.... and tried to "flick" it with his finger like it was an iPhone. He stood there confused because nothing happened... as my wife laughed. How cool is it that many of the kids growing up today are simply going to expect a touch interface to their technology?

Personally, I'm excited that IBM has opened up a pilot of iNotes for internal iPhone users. However, I have this nagging suspicion that a web app is only going to be good enough for so long. I understand the (legitimate) concerns about security and the SDK restrictions around syncing to the calendar or notes apps. But with the app store taking off the way it has... I think web apps are going to end up second class citizens. Which brings me to Sametime. Is an iNotes like approach viable for Sametime? The obvious downside is that you can't receive messages when the browser isn't running. But without background notifications, you couldn't do that in a native application either. Let's assume that Apple remedies that situation in the near future. Does a Sametime web app make any sense on this platform?

(BTW: the new Facebook app for the iPhone is great. You can find me there.)