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IOD2009 Day 2 Announcements: Analytics and Mashups

I've fallen behind in some of my blogging, notably on the announcements made yesterday at the IOD2009 Conference.

There were three press releases issued yesterday, focusing primarily on Analytics and Mashups.  For now, here are links and some quick excerpts, please do click through to the full press releases for much more detail.  I'll circle around at a later date with more detail on what was announced.

IBM Unveils New Offerings to Help Clients Better Manage Content With Analytics
Summary of the new solutions:

  • IBM Cognos Content Analytics: This new offering allows organizations to discover, refine and deliver new insights by analyzing unstructured enterprise content alongside structured data. Through focused navigation, users can identify trends and patterns and proactively detect anomalies for improved decision making.  
  • IBM plans to expand the IBM Cognos Content Analytics family to include new solutions targeted at specific industries and business requirements. One solution currently being previewed centers around insight into consumer sentiment. This solution will be designed to help packaged goods companies gain a better understanding of what the market is saying about their brands on the "cloud" in blogs, wikis and media Web sites.   
  • IBM InfoSphere Content Assessment: Using content analytics, this new offering helps organizations rapidly assess unmanaged content to identify high-risk and valued content such as corporate records that need to be secured, retained and managed throughout its lifespan. The software simultaneously detects unnecessary content eligible for decommissioning, creating the opportunity to dramatically reduce production system burdens and associated storage requirements.   

New IBM Mashup Capabilities Bring Business Analytics to the Desktop
As part of its commitment to business analytics, IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced an expansion of its industry leading enterprise mashup portfolio, including the latest version of IBM Mashup Center and a new offering called IBM Cognos 8 Mashup Service. IBM is also announcing a set of new clients that are using IBM Mashup technology to help transform their organizations by using information as a strategic asset.

Read the full press release for details on how Wells Fargo, U.K.'s Kent County, AMEC Paragon and New York State Department of Labor are using mashups today.

Guinness Anchor Berhad Taps Into IBM Business Analytics To Boost Productivity
Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB), Malaysia's leading brewery, has tapped IBM (NYSE:IBM) business analytics and performance management technology to significantly improve its decision-making process and business productivity.

GAB, the leader in Malaysia's beer and stout market with a 57% market share, sells well-known brands such as Tiger, Guinness, Heineken and Anchor. Despite its success, the company found that a collective total of 480 hours were spent by employees daily, gathering information for budgeting and planning, which took valuable time away from focusing on business objectives and driving revenue-generating activities. 

With IBM business analytics, the entire budget planning process is now automated, eliminating potential errors arising from manual spreadsheet entries, ensuring that all information is accurate and can be quickly sent to stakeholders across the organization. The new analytics system also empowers budget-holders by giving them more control via continuous weekly or monthly reports while enabling scenario planning and what-if analysis of flexible rolling and profit and loss forecasts. IBM is also helping GAB better track performance against strategic objectives, and guarantees the quality and accuracy of financial numbers for timely, sustainable compliance. 

IBM Unveils New Offerings to Help Clients Better Manage Content With Analytics
New IBM Mashup Capabilities Bring Business Analytics to the Desktop
Guinness Anchor Berhad Taps Into IBM Business Analytics To Boost Productivity


    Ian Randall | Website: | 10/28/2009 7:28:58 PM GMT

    I attended a presentation of IBM Cognos 8 Business Analytics a few days ago at IBM in Sydney Australia.

    I have been involved with projects that interface data between Domino & Cognos in the past, and recognise that Cognos is great technology, and I was particularly impressed with the great flexibility in pricing models that Congnos has (compared with other IBM/Lotus products).

    However, I was disappointed that IBM Cognos does not currently play well with Lotus Domino databases. There was some talk about third party products being available, but it seemed to me that Domino was completely ignored by the Cognos interface strategy. This sends the wrong message to the market and is reminiscent of the Websphere strategy of several years ago.

    I know that it's only been a year since IBM acquired Cognos, but given that reporting and analytical capabilities in Domino are arguably is greatest 'weakness' (compared with other database platforms), I am surprised that Domino was not even mentioned in the Cognos interface offering. I know that you can use ODBC or JDBC at a pinch, but both these options are notoriously slow & flaky when accessing large data volumes.

    What I would like to see IBM do is to provide world-class reporting and real-time generation of business analytics from data stored in Lotus Domino databases. If the strategy is Gognos, then IBM really need to pull their finger out.

    Even a Gognos "lite" version specifically designed for Domino would be greatly appreciated.

    Ian Randall | Website: | 10/28/2009 7:30:41 PM GMT

    Sorry for the typos. Cognos not Gognos.

    Adam Gartenberg | Website: | 10/30/2009 3:14:14 PM GMT

    Let me see what I can find out for you, Ian.

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