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IOD 2008 Tuesday wrap-up

P1000237There are lots of updates from around the Web on Tuesday at the IOD conference.

Amit has posted photos of the Developer Den.  As I mentioned yesterday, head on over if you need a place to relax (or network) for a bit, or just if you're looking to charge up your laptop or mobile device.  And don't forget to fill out the survey for a chance to head home with one of the Wii's set up in the room.  You can see more photos here.

Once again, Jean George Perrin has posted a big set of photos from last night's Halloween Party with the Village People and Earth, Wind and Fire on his Facebook page.  It certainly looks like everyone had a good time (and I hear the place went crazy when the Village People broke out YMCA.)

WIllie Favero has written up his impressions of Tuesday, including the difficulty he's having deciding on which session to attend and his observations on the Halloween Beach party

It's getting more and more difficult everyday to pick something to go listen to. There are simply too many good things to pick from; a problem I wish I had at all events that I attend.

The folks on the Data Studio team have also been busy providing a summary of their time at the show.  (This is a great use of a team blog, and it's great to see them all weighing in with their observations).  Data Studio Team Blog:  Day 1 and Day 2

I also discovered yesterday that Richard Hackathorn has been keeping a rather extensive running summary of the keynotes, events and sessions at IOD.  I'll definitely be checking back to his blog for updates during the rest of the week (and beyond).  Thanks, Richard!:  

Lastly, IBM Database Magazine article has published an article on the IBM Data Champion program.  If you haven't checked out the program yet, the article does a great job of summarizing what it's all about and highlighting the contributions of just a few of the dedicated Data Champions that have already been recognized.  The article can be found here.