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IOD EMEA Days 2 and 3

Well, another conference has come and gone and once again I've found that after the first day or so I have trouble finding the time to blog things as they happen.  Hopefully my memory is still fresh enough, though.

First off, I want to say that I found the conference very valuable on a personal basis.  Being relatively new to the team, it was incredibly helpful to hear the Information On Demand story as shared by our executives and to interact with customers and business partners to get their feedback.  It was also very nice, after a month on the job, to actually meet my boss in person for the first time (not to mention dozens of my new colleagues in marketing and sales)!  

I ended up splitting my time this week between attending conference sessions and talking to attendees and attending a number of internal planning and introductory meetings.  From just about everyone I spoke to, the information agenda message delivered during the opening keynotes resonated very well, and the overall sentiment that I picked up was very positive.

The breakout sessions I attended on pureXML, the new capabilities in DB2 9, and best practices were all very interesting and well attended (although some of them made me realize just how much learning I still need to come up to even a basic technical understanding on our products).  And the session led by Irish Life and Permanent on how they're bringing together multiple client databases after their merger is worth a post of its own (check back soon).

Stepping away from the work side of things for a minute, I really enjoyed the brief time I had in The Hague (and even briefer time in Amsterdam).  I found both cities incredibly accessible, and enjoyed the chance I had while taking the tram back and forth from my hotel to the conference center each day to see a bit of the city.  And I'm very jealous of a place where the bicycle can be the primary mode of transportation for so many people (although it still amazes me that I didn't see a single bike helmet the entire week).  Between the conference events and a team dinner, I was able to walk along the beach for a bit (even if it wasn't quite beach weather), and see more of a small-town downtown section of the city, in addition to the more city-center area where my hotel was located.

And, in the small world department, in the very limited time I had in at Amsterdam on the way to the airport this morning, I got stopped on the street by David Barnes from Premiere Global Services, who just happened to be spending some time there in between meetings of his own!

All in all, it was a very worthwhile trip (as hard as it was to be away from home - and as I hard as I know it was for everyone at home without me).