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IOD Blog Roundup (so far)

Eight years of conditioning by my kids has me up early here on Pacific Time, so I thought I'd use it productively and finally get the chance to see what others have been writing about the IOD conference so far.  Here are some of the highlights of what I've found (and as always, my apologies for anyone I might have missed - drop me a line and I'll add you in).

Julian Stuhler
Julian’s IOD Blog Part 1
IOD 2009 Day 2 Gold Briefing Blog - DB2 pureScale (My favorite line: "... and I’m not the only one to see the irony of suffering from information overload at a data management conference!")

Vincent McBurney
Enemies of IBM Infiltrate the IBM IOD Conference
At IOD 2009 IBM Goes Bonkers for Analytics
Cognos Opens up its Reports to Mashups

Richard Hackathorn
IBM IOD/Gold Briefing - 4th Day PM
IBM IOD/Gold Briefing - 4th Day AM
IBM IOD/Gold Briefing - 3rd Day PM
IBM IOD/Gold Briefing - 3rd Day AM
IBM IOD/Gold Briefing - 2nd Day PM
IBM IOD/Gold Briefing - 2nd Day AM
IBM IOD/Gold Briefing - 1st Day

Todd Watson
Mashing Pumpkins: New IBM Cognos Mashup Tool
Turbo Video Dispatch #3: Todd and Scott Deconstruct 1 Trillion Connected Things (Including Cows)
IOD Press Conference: A Trillion Networked Things (Including Cows)
IOD 2009 Opening Session Debrief: Information-Led Transformations…by Winston the Turtle?
The IM Software Future’s So Bright

Craig Mullins
IBM IOD2009 Day One
IBM All Abuzz About Analytics at IOD2009

Chris Eaton
IOD 2009 Day 1 is Packed Full for Me

Robert Catterall
IBM IOD 2009 - Day 1

Andrew White
IBM’s IOD – Some Highlights for Me

Frank Fillmore
IOD is Here!
Balanced Configuration Unit (BCU)/Balanced Warehouse Morphs

Spreading the word about DB2 on the Cloud

Mike Fergusun
Information Led Transformation - Will IBM's New Strategy Be A Success?

Conor O'Mahony
DB2 pureXML at the IOD Conference

Jacques Roy
IOD 2009: Sunday

Rafael Cross
Optim at IOD 2009