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IOD around the blogosphere

Now that I've made it back home and had time to catch up on my own IOD posts, I've had a chance to dip back into Twitter for some of the blog posts shared by others from the conference.  Here are just a few that I came across this morning.

Ben Harden:  Cognos 10 Launch at the IBM Information on Demand Conference
CapTech Consulting's Ben Harden describes his thoughts on the Cognos 10 launch, and wraps up his post with:  "Overall, it looks like IBM has hit a homerun with Cognos 10.  They left the core engine intact, made a lot of investments in usability and answered many of the requests from the user community.  IBM was also very sensitive to the notion that new Cognos releases are notoriously buggy, and made a point to say this is the cleanest release ever.  That remains to be seen, but they are not shy about marketing this as a positive which gives me hope.  Add in to the mix the soon to be launched Cognos 10 cloud services and there is good reason why IBM is so excited. It is very clear that this release moves them farther up and right in the Gartner Magic quadrant and sets the bar high for the competition."

David Menninger:  Cognos 10 Breaks Down Barriers To Business Intelligence and Analytics
Ventana Research VP & Research Director David Menninger describes the Cognos 10 launch event and comments on what he'd like to see Cognos continue to advance on (integration with non-IBM products, wider availability of advanced analytics, better incorporation of unstructured data analysis), as well as a closing statement that "Overall, Cognos 10 is a dramatically improved release and in my opinion currently sets the standard for end-to-end integrated business intelligence products and then supporting analytics, planning and performance management."

Greg Bonnette:  Initial Thoughts on Cognos 10
Greg Bonnette (@GregBonnette) has been running Cognos 10 in his test environment the past few days.  His highlights:  Business Insight Advanced (intuitive and fast), External Data Wizard (for easily bringing spreadsheets into the picture), and Active Reports (much more than just viewing reports on a plane).

Timothy Powers:  Customer Intimacy is the New Intellectual Property
Over on the Performance Perspectives blog, IBMer Timothy Powers relates the message shared by Deepak Advani that we are at the end of thinking of "the average customer," and how the driving force for competitive advantage in the coming years will be customer intimacy.

Also highlighted on Twitter were updates to the Cognos 10 microsite and a link out to the 100 worldwide Cognos 10 events (as well as virtual events):