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IOD 2013: ECM Keynote

Here are my notes from today's IOD 2013 ECM Keynote.  My key takeaways:  This is about moving beyond the old way of thinking about content management  (store, secure, retrieve content. ) and move to focus on how you can discover, recognize and act on insights from your content.  It's about moving to a spectrum of services that extend beyond the repository, giving you the ability to do analytics, collaborate and understand all of your content.

Doug Hunt, ECM Business Leader

Content is at the core of how you run your organization

We define a moment of truth as the point where your organization touches an existing or potential client.  You've got one shot to meet or exceed your client's expectations.  It's in these moments that you're putting content to work for you.

Are you working for your content or is your content working for you?  

  • Does your content alert you when there's fraudulent activity, or does it sit silent?
  • Has your content been taken hostage by hoarders?
  • Does your content bottleneck your ability to get paid for products or services?  

We call this Smarter Content.  This is the only type of big data that captures what we feel, what we know to be true.

ECM's historic paint points are well know (adopted from AIIM trendscape on market dynamics):
  • Lack of ease of use
  • Understanding value of content
  • Not enough ROI

We have been focusing on engaging with you, listening to your feedback, and have new innovations that can help you avoid these obstacles in the future.  We have tackled these pain points directly
  • Ease of use:  enhanced usability, accuracy and insight:  
  • Content Navigator - Just released 3rd release.  Modern, slick user experience.  Doesn't matter if on desktop or mobile device.  We've built the most frictionless mobile environment, entitled for current customers.
  • Content Foundation
  • Daeja Image Systems - Exceptional viewing experience regardless of which file type you're using.  Mark up, redact - same experience whether
  • Harness value of content
  • Data discovery, governance of disparate and distributed content.  Can find all the places your content is being hoarded, regardless of repository
  • Information Economics
  • High-Value Solutions
  • Advance IP - manage and monetize intellectual property.  
  • Intelligent Investigation Manager
  • Patient Care and Insights
  • Cloud-based partner solutions - e.g., Pyramid came out with solution leveraging case management capabilities in the cloud

Goal - Move beyond old way of thinking of content management (store, secure, retrieve content. ) and move to focus on discover, recognize and act on insights from your content.

IBM is leading market in growth and market share by almost 2:1.

John Murphy, VP of Product and Strategy

In the past, we were limited because there weren't tools that let you have both flexibility and insight.  That's changed.  
  • Announcing IBM Case Manager 5.2
  • Built on the Content Navigator experience platform
  • Innovation that makes decisions easier
  • Vastly simplified deployment experience
  • 10-35% performance improvement
  • Hundreds of new features
  • Major improvements to the development environment
  • Reduced footprint:  Fewer servers, tools.
  • Support for WebSphere and WebLogic

Major activity over the last 12 months
  • 20 worldwide development labs
  • Produced 21 products so far
  • 12 more releases coming this quarter
  • 2 Acquisitions:  Daeja Image systems and Stored IQ

Content Navigator:  
  • Not just next UI - single architecture and modeling layer that lets us expose these features on the Web, Mobile and Desktop, regardless of where the content is.
  • Integrated it with Datacap and Case Manager
  • Best-of-breed social content

Content Essentials:  More value, less footprint
  • Lowering cost of ownership with Content Platform Engine

End result:  A more power platform

StoredIQ - reduce costs and risks with governance
  • Integrated but not dependent on the content stack from IBM.  
  • Gives you ability to get data about your data in the wild - regardless of where stored, what format.  Gives you visualization across the environment - what belongs in the repository, what belongs in the trash.

Client Panel
Rudy Montoya - CIO, Texas Office of the Attorney General
  • Victim compensation - payer of last resort for victims of violent crime.  Over 700,000 cases, and grow at 125 per day.  Important that be compassionate, deliver timely services, and are courteous.  Had aged system that was very one-dimensional.  Was 12-13 years old, provided only a simple view of images.
  • Went from one-dimensional system to one that is prepared for the next generation of knowledge workers and knowledge users.  Now have full workflow, records management, with end goal being end constituents can access their case and see what's going on.
  • Went live on February 4th.  Implemented a cloud solution.  Came in on budget and on time.  Was transparent to end users - converted all the cases and went extremely well.
  • Where going from here:  Expanding to new line of business with legal case management.  Now that have from statewide perspective the economic loss, fraud, etc.  offers new possibilities for use, sharing across the state, etc.

Adele Carboni - Head of Policy and Information governance, Hess Corp
  • Partnered with StoredIQ to get better view into data repositories.  If are going to take action against that content, need to understand what that content is.  What realized about our big data is exponential growth were experiencing, understanding content, and appropriate action.  A focus was anything was that any action took had to be defensible.  Looked to partner that would help take defensible action, whether it's moving around (with metadata staying with it), or deleting it.
  • Going through some divestitures that have incredibly short timeframe.  Had to quickly gain insight into documents to see which contained personal information and which didn't.  Over a weekend, harvested data and were able to gain that insight into it.  Have heatmap where can look at data and see story of your content.  Can dive deep into certain areas.  Tremendously reduced time over manual process, while also giving more confidence in what are going to hand over.
  • Another example - business unit was looking for particular well information, but didn't know where it was - could have been over multiple servers.  Had already done harvesting of pre-data, so could quickly and easily tell them where it was.  
  • And none of this was the reason why bought the product.  Was looking at retention issues, and had a lot of duplicate data and non-records, as well as a lot of documents that had met retirement.  As business learns more about it, are reaching out to them.
  • Advice for others:  Applying retention schedule to unstructured content... very personal thing for users (their email, their file shares).  Have gotten executive level support for what are doing, continuing to go back as needed.  In some cases, changed information to read-only, in others "black holed" it... Put it somewhere where only IT can access, to prove to users that they're not really using it.

Mark Sauceman - SVP & Business Information Officer, US Bank
  • In 2012 had opportunity to start new service offering that hadn't been offering before.  Customer wanted end to end receivables management capability.  Didn't have technology to extend that.  In reviewing options,  Case Manager offered flexibility to make that happen, delivered in 5 months.
  • Have taken what learned in first implementation and built another solution with Case Manager, called Customer Express.  Track any issues or service request that a customer may bring to them, across all channels.  There's a user interface that can be used, as well as web service so can link in to existing applications.
  • Next steps:  ECM team supports every business line in the bank.  Challenge is to bring to bear new business capabilities and at a lower cost.  Established new ECM strategy for the bank, and goal is to provide frameworks for the bank.  Feel like we're well positioned to meet the growing needs to the bank going forward.

Innovation awards
  • Best Smarter Content Solution: Memorial Healthcare System (Partner: IMC)
  • Best Mobile Smarter Content Solution:  Union Bank (Partner: Imagine Solutions and Pyramid Solutions) - leverage DataCap and Content Navigator to initiate cases from mobile devices, and allow clients to scan own forms
  • Best Content Analytics and Big Data Solution:  CNS - Mexican Federal Police (Partner: Dumago USA IBM Software Services)
  • Best Information Economics Solution:  Hess Corp (IBM Software Services)
  • Best Case management Solution:  Texas Office of the Attorney General (Partner: Adjacent Technologies)
  • Smarter Content Enterprise Leadership:  AT&T (Partner: Ventera Corporation) - Leveraging content analytics to improve customer service, and also save $200M in storage costs over next several years.