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IOD 2009 - Getting Underway

I arrived in Las Vegas earlier today for the Information on Demand 2009 conference, and already have had a good time catching up with coworkers I haven't seen in a while, and many more that I've worked with for the past two years but have never met in person.

After meeting with some of my teammates, we headed down to the opening of the Expo, where I could see a lot of involved conversations going between attendees, IBMers and Business Partners as I walked around the Expo floor.  

I stopped in at the customer reference lounge, where I learned that there had been a fairly steady stream of visitors throughout the afternoon.  If you're here for the conference and have a success story to share, please do stop in and spend just a few minutes talking with the team there.  The room will be staffed the entire time the Expo floor is open, and I know they'd love to hear your story.

After the Expo it looked like just about everyone (plus a lot of latecomers) migrated over to the community receptions.  I was on hand at the Integrated Data Management reception for the beginning of what will be several award presentations over the course of the conference.  Arvind Krishna, General Manager for Information Management, handed out several achievement awards to IBM customers whose implementations stand out from the rest, and the first group of new Information Management Champions were also recognized.  

Just down the hall from the community receptions were held, I spied a sign for the Developer's Den.  You're going to want to make sure you stop by there again this year - it will be a good place to hang out if you need a break from sessions, want to learn more about resources available to you as a developer (and I hear they'll have some video game consoles set up again this year).

That's about all I can muster for now.  For another perspective on today (and going forward), please be sure to head on over to Todd Watson's blog.  Earlier today he posted some background on what he learned at the business development day for IBM Business Partners, and some helpful advice for those just getting in for the event.  (Video Dispatch #1 and Video Dispatch #2)

You'll also want to make sure you're following @IODGC2009 and the #IOD2009 twitter hashtag for the latest.  More on following the conference from afar in another post shortly.

(My apologies for the pictures - all I have with me is my BlackBerry, and so I'll look to update the post with pictures taken by people with real cameras as soon as I find them.)


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