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Introducing the Information on Demand Conference Blogger Program

I was excited to see an invitation in my inbox today for the inaugural Blogger Program at this year's Information on Demand conference.

I'd followed Lotusphere last year vicariously, in large part through the bloggers writing about the conference, and even passed around my own observations of that program internally as a best practice back when I was doing Social Marketing as a day job.

And, as someone who has worked to help encourage the broader community around our Information Management products as a day job, I think it's great to see that at the IOD conference we will be placing an increased importance on bloggers, providing them (us) with special access to news and people (and events like "nachos, news and networking," which I'm sure will be a blast.)

The program is invitation only right now, as they're starting small and will be building from there, but I'm looking forward to seeing the conference not only firsthand, but through the eyes of my fellow bloggers, as well.