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Introducing the IBM Data Champion Program

I wanted to be one of the first to share the news of a new program that will officially be announced during Arvind Krishan's keynote at IOD tomorrow.

The program - the IBM Data Champion program - is being introduced to recognize all of the people that spend their time and energy giving back to the community that has built up around IBM's data management products.  These individuals (you, maybe?) spend their time writing and responding in forums, leading user groups, writing blogs, and speaking at conferences.  This program is our way of saying thank you.  Thank you for your unpaid hours, your dedication, and your commitment.  Thank you for your help in making IBM's products what they are and our community as strong as it is.

You can find all of the Data Champions that will be recognized tomorrow listed here (and I do want to be among the first to congratulation all of you!), and you can read more about the program and the benefits of being recognized through the program here.

We're sharing the names of the first Data Champions now, but we're looking for many more.

If there's someone that's made a difference in your work or your life, someone that you feel deserves more than the recognition they're already getting, please nominate them today.

And on a personal note, I wanted to say a very big thank you to Amit for all of his dedication in pushing for this program from day one (well, from before day one, really), and for everything that's come between then and now (and if you're in Las Vegas for IOD, make sure you stop by the Developer's Den and say hi to Amit).  I also want to thank Utkarsh for his help in seeing to all of the details needed to make the program run.