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Introducing New PureData Systems For Transactions And Big Data Analytics

At events in Singapore and Boston today, IBM announced that we are expanding our PureSystems family of expert integrated systems with three new offerings:  PureData System for Transactions, PureData System for Analytics and PureData System for Operational Analytics.

Each system comes pre-configured with x86 or Power processors, storage and network connections and specialized software tailored for the particular task that the system is designed to tackle - from high volume transaction processing (such as retail or credit card processing) to Big Data analytics (such as finding patterns or anomalies in petabytes of data).

Arvind Krishna, general manager, IBM Information Management, summarizes the importance of these solutions: “Today’s introduction of the PureData System is an important step in our journey as we help clients achieve new levels of speed, simplicity and savings.”   The PureData System is designed to be up and running in as little as a day, not weeks or months.

In an interview with Forbes, IBM VP of Big Data Product Management Phil Francisco described a global bank that is deploying the transaction system and has estimated savings of ₤2 million in overall costs.  Another client reported it has been able to build and deliver more applications in the last 90 days than in the previous three years.  

While the PureSystems approach can benefit companies of all sizes and from anywhere in the world, it can offer particular advantages in markets where technological skills are not readily available.  The PureData Systems incorporate demain-specific expertise on optimizing transaction processing or analytic models, removing the need for the organizations deploying the systems to have that deep technology and domain expertise themselves.

The PureSystems family is the result of $2B USD in R&D and acquisitions over four years, and the PureData System for Analytics in particular builds off IBM's Netezza acquisition.

The three expert-integrated systems being introduced today are described in the press release as follows:  

  • PureData System for Transactions: Retail and credit card processing environments depend on rapid handling of transactions and interactions. These transactions may be small, but the volume and frequency require fast and efficient environments. The new system provides hardware and software configurations integrated and optimized for flexibility, integrity, availability and scalability for any transaction workload. 
  • PureData System for Analytics: For today’s organizations to be competitive, they need to quickly and easily analyze and explore big data—even when dealing with petabytes. The new system simplifies and optimizes performance of data warehouse services and analytics applications. Powered by Netezza technology, the new PureData for Analytics system is designed to accelerate analytics and boasts the largest library of in-database analytic functions on the market today. Clients can use it to predict and help avoid customer churn in seconds, create targeted advertising and promotions using predictive and spatial analysis, and prevent fraud. 
  • PureData System for Operational Analytics: The new system can deliver actionable insights concurrently to more than 1,000 business operations to support real-time decision making. Operational warehouse systems are used for fraud detection during credit card processing, to deliver customer insights to call center operations, and track and predict real-time changes in supply and demand for energy and utilities. 

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