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International Institute for Analytics: Top Analytics Predictions for 2011

James Taylor recently posted the top 9 analytics predictions for 2011 as assembled by members of the International Institute for Analytics (including James Taylor, Tom Davenport, John Elder, Bill Franks, Jeanne Harris, Anne Milley, Niel Nickolaisen, and Jeremy Shapiro).

Their predictions largely speak to the growing importance in the importance organizations will place on analytics and the continuation of some of the trends we've been seeing over the course of the past year or two.  A few that stood out for me are:

- The gap between analytical innovators and those who do not invest in analytics will widen in highprofile ways.
- The roles of marketing, sales, human resources, IT management, and finance will continue to be transformed by the use of analytics in 2011.
- The availability of strong business-focused analytical talent will be the greatest constraint on organizations’ analytical capabilities in 2011.
- Newer analytical methods in the areas of text analytics, survival mining, time series mining, net-lift modeling, and data visualization will grow in use in 2011.
- Consolidation of analytics software players will continue; entry of specialized analytics software and service providers will accelerate.

You can read more background over on James Taylor's blog (Some predictions for analytics in 2011), can find the slides and listen to a recording from their call at or read the brief based on the predictions here.