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Interesting briefings last week

I had the opportunity to take part in some interesting briefings last week.

First up was an analyst briefing last Wednesday, where we had an analyst come in person to the Cambridge office and take our team through their view on the Unified Collaboration market and to update them on our products and strategy.  Since I couldn't be in Cambridge, we used a Sametime Web conference, of course, so I could see the slides.   David Marshak also had his webcam with him, and as we were IMing in the background, David said "why don't I turn on the video."  We also set up a Sametime video session (using the plugin developed by Radvision, it so happens), and David turned the webcam around facing the speaker.  I have to say, when we do video it's usually talking head-to-talking head, and I was very impressed with the quality we were getting from all the way across the room. I have to say, I was able to make out the presenter's facial expressions well enough, and it rivaled the experience (on a small screen) from a briefing I participated in later that day, which was...

...Briefing #2.  Chris Crummey - demo-master extraordinaire - and I did a dual-site briefing.  He had around a dozen representatives from a customer up in the Cambridge Executive Briefing Center, and I had another dozen or so down here in RTP.  We had a video linkup projected on one of the screens using the briefing center's Polycom system, and a Sametime Web conference on the other so that we could all be watching the same demos.  It was an interesting experience - in hindsight (and as one of the attendees pointed out), we probably should have found a way for me to be up and actively talking/presenting to the RTP crowd rather than us watching Chris the whole time, as it would have been a bit more engaging.  Still, this way the two teams from the customer were able to watch the same demos, ask questions at the same time, and not have to worry about the Cambridge group seeing anything that the RTP group didn't, and vice-versa.

Briefing #3 was on Friday, where I got called in at the last minute when the planned presenter ran into airplane trouble and couldn't make it up to present.  My favorite part:  Being able to talk about and "present" Notes 8, Sametime, Quickr (and a bit of Connections) using - oh - three slides.  The rest of the hour was just demoing live code and talking about the highlights and benefits.  Chris did the same thing on Wednesday - only he covered 2-3 hours worth of content through the demos.  It's fun to have products that really speak for themselves like our latest releases do.  I have to admit, I hadn't had much of a chance to play around with Quickr until this week, and it really blew me away.  I've used QuickPlace plenty, and it really doesn't hold a candle to what the product has morphed into in its latest iteration.  There's just nothing like it.  (And the same goes for Notes 8 - but that's a topic for another post, if I ever can find the time to just sit down and write it).