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InfoWorld: IBM to turn Sametime IM into a family of products

InfoWorld has the first exclusive preview on announcements Lotus GM Mike Rhodin is going to make tomorrow at his keynote at VoiceCon.  I'll have a lot more detail to share tomorrow, but in the mean time, here are some highlights from the article

Mike Rhodin, general manager of IBM's Lotus division, will announce plans for three new Sametime products on Wednesday during a keynote address at the VoiceCon conference in San Francisco.

The next release of IBM's current Sametime software, which follows on from Sametime 7.5.1, will be known as Sametime Standard 8.0 and is due out towards the end of this year, according to Bruce Morse, IBM's vice president for unified communications software. The new version includes support for Microsoft's Office 2007 desktop suite and the ability to run Sametime server in VMware's virtual environment.

Sametime Entry 8.0 and Sametime Advanced 8.0 debut in the first calendar quarter of 2008.

Sametime Entry takes the IM capabilities already embedded in some IBM products and turns them into a stand-alone offering. The aim is to seed the market and encourage corporate users new to IM to use Entry and later move up to the Standard and Advanced flavors, Morse said.....

Sametime Advanced builds on the Standard version and adds in features like the ability to share one's desktop with others and ways to store and reuse geographic information. The software also includes persistent chat so that a person can log onto their company's group chat and be able to browse what was discussed earlier, particularly useful in the financial services business where staff in different time zones are continually tracking the markets.

The third new member of the Sametime family is still at an early development stage and is known under the working title of "Sametime for Unified Telephony," Morse said.

As I said at the top - stay tuned.

 InfoWorld:  IBM to turn Sametime IM into a family of products