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Informix cited by Hilton in earning #2 ranking in Information Week 500

I want to issue my congratulations to Hilton Hotels Corp. on being ranked #2 in the 2008 Information Week 500, and to call out a key piece of the technology that resulted in their ranking.

If you read through their press release, you'll see the central role Informix plays in their reservation infrastructure:

DAvE (Distributed Availability Engine) is a solution developed to allow on-line shoppers to browse and web buyers to buy both with more efficiencies to enhance their overall web experience within the websites. In essence, this engine offloads web shopping traffic to a lower cost, paralleled reservation system thus allowing buyers to reach distribution channels with more speed and accuracy. DAvE effectively lowers costs, opens more opportunities to consumers to purchase, and reduces traffic jams on the web sites. The system itself is a group of Intel servers running a slim version of our reservation application on Red Hat Linux. DAvE communicates across an upgraded gigabit network with replicated Informix databases responding to availability request transactions from Global distribution Systems (e.g. airline systems) allowing Hilton to extend the capacity of its distribution environments in ways that had never been feasible before.

Eric Herber has posted his thoughts on this topic, too, over on the Informix Zone.

You can find more details in their press release.