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InformationWeek: IBM Pilots Telemedicine Project In Italy

As reported in InformationWeek, IBM is starting a telehealth project designed to offer elderly patients greater independence and quality of life while reducing health costs.

The one-year project, dubbed "Secure Living" will involve 30 patients who are in their 80s, and who will be remotely monitored with in-home sensoring gear. They will be provided tele-assistance as needed during daily activities, as well as guidance on exercises for mental agility and tutored physical training, said an IBM spokeswoman.

The elderly will be assisted over the phone and via the Web, she said.

The system is based on a net of integrated sensors that send data about the assisted person to a control room run by the municipality, where data will be analyzed. If data indicates that an elderly person has fallen, for instance, a medical team will be alerted to assist.

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