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Improve Marketing Results with New Cloud-based Analytics Suite

IBM announced on Friday a new cloud-based marketing analytics suite, combining capabilities from Coremetrics and Unica.  The new solution, part of IBM's Smarter Commerce initiative, is designed to provide organizations with insight into the effectiveness of new products and services and to help increase customer loyalty, optimize marketing campaigns and create real-time, personalized marketing offers.

For example, businesses would be able to evaluate Facebook or Twitter activity, and offer customers tailored promotions delivered to their mobile devices on the fly.   IBM's suite also enables businesses to deliver and fine tune digital marketing programs based on what customers are doing offline.  For example, a consumer who purchased a new tablet in a brick-and-mortar store would receive special offers via email to purchase tablet accessories.  The benefit to the customer is a consistent, relevant brand experience that reflects all of their online preferences, not just what they did, read or saw on one specific site.

Press Release:  IBM Debuts Cloud-based Analytics Suite to Help Companies Boost Marketing Results


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