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IDUG Europe 2008 Recap

I didn't make it over to the IDUG Europe 2008 conference, but I've been following it from a far thanks to colleagues and others in the blogosphere.  

Willie Favero blogged a few times from the event (here and here), and mentioned that 168 people took certification exams while at the event, with a higher than normal passing rate (congratulations to all of the newly certified attendees!), and lists the winners of the best speaker contest.

Robert Catterall has an extensive 4-part series recounting his experiences at the event (thanks for all the detail, Robert!):  Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.

The crew from the DB2 pureXML team blog (it looks like Guogen Zhang) posted a recap, commenting on standing-room-only sessions around pureXML, and some fun anecdotes about the DB2 25th anniversary party and some of the local restaurants.

And, over on the IBM Database Magazine blog site, Scott Hayes writes about the one-day Ed seminar he held (DB2 LUW Performance: An IDUG Ed Seminar Case Study).

Surekha Parekh (and possibly others) uploaded a number of photos from the 25th anniversary party to the "Happy Birthday DB2" Facebook Group.  I'm pretty sure you need to be a member of the group to see the pictures, but joining the group is easy (and if you're not on Facebook yet, joining Facebook itself is really easy!)   Christy Maver, another colleague, also took some pictures, and you can find them here (***updated***).

Thanks again to everyone who shared their experiences from the event.  (And if I'm missing your updates or pictures, please send me a link!)