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IBM’s Social Computing Guidelines

Thanks to Andy Piper for blogging about the recent updates to IBM's Social Computing guidelines, which now extend beyond blogging to include participation in social networks, media sharing sites, virtual worlds.

I know I've gotten asked from time to time about IBM's official stance on this, and if you're interested in how IBM is approaching this subject, or are looking for a foundation for similar guidelines in your own company, I'd suggest checking this out.

Over the past couple of months we've been working collaboratively to update the guidelines. We did this in the same way that we developed the original document - via a wiki, and some lively discussion on our internal blogging platform.

The new IBM Social Computing guidelines can now be found on the IBM website. They've been extended to talk a little about new technologies beyond blogging (social networks, media sharing sites, and so on), and just generally tweaked to ensure that we're taking account of changes in online behaviours over the past couple of years.

Link:  IBM Social Computing guidelines