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IBM Unified Communications and SMB companies (updated)

Julian Woodward picked up on something in the press coverage of yesterday's event, namely a comment by IBM SVP Steve Mills regarding a focus on providing UC solutions to larger companies.

While a few publications have covered his comments around large enterprises (like this as reported by InfoWorld:  ... IBM is ramping up its investment in products like Lotus Sametime to provide unified communications to the largest business customers, which the company defines as having 1,000 or more employees.), he did also discuss that our UC strategy encompasses companies of all sizes.  

And there is a lot going on related to our unified communications solutions and the SMB market (and there's more to come that I can't write about just yet).

To name one example, we have bundles that package up Lotus Sametime on System i hardware along with 3Com or Nortel telephony systems; basically a turnkey UC solution.  You can find more details here (3Com) and here (Nortel).  

The OEM announcements we made at Lotusphere with Cisco and Nortel also are largely geared around helping to get Lotus Sametime into the hands of SMB businesses through the extensive direct and partner channels that Cisco and Nortel have established.

Of course, Lotus Sametime Unyte is a perfect solution for SMBs (or companies of all sizes) looking for a Web conferencing service.  And we also have the Complete Express Starter Packs (which I blogged about here), which are also designed for those with under 1000 users.

As you've heard me say many times on this blog, the SMB market is a very important one for us.  A very large part of the Lotus Sametime installed base (and as Ed has commented before, the Lotus Notes base) comes from the SMB market, and we expect to continue to provide solutions and bundles so that we see ongoing growth in adoption of IBM and Lotus solutions from this segment of customers.

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