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IBM pureScale Technology Redefines Transaction Processing Economics

Last week IBM announced a new software technology called DB2 pureScale.  Running on IBM Power Systems, DB2 pureScale is new software, based on 15 years of experience of DB2 on System Z, for creating clusters of DB2 servers in support of transactional OLTP workloads.  The result is that organizations can increase their database transaction capacity while at the same reducing the risk and cost of growing their IT systems.  With pureScale, you can now buy only what they need to handle increasing amounts of data by simply adding servers to your DB2 pureScale systems. DB2 also offers the flexibility of adding and removing capacity with the option of paying for only the days that you need the additional software to handle peak workloads.

The FreeDB2 blog does a better job of explaining this than I ever could, and I suggest heading over there (or checking out the additional links below) for more details.  There is also a chat with the labs session next Wednesday (10/21) on the topic, which I'd highly recommend.  The DB2 pureScale homepage on also has additional details.

Read more about it here:

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