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IBM now running Sametime 7.5 Web conferencing

As Chris Pepin reports, IBM is now running Sametime 7.5 Web conferencing.  In addition to the new UI and capabilities, the CIO's office has made a few notable changes.  Outside users will no longer be required to register for or use an IBM ID to participate in meetings - just the meeting password (and URL if hidden). (For all you IBMers reading this, though - please note that you will still need to log in through the link on the top right of the page for meetings you are moderating!)

We've also updated the format and content of the e-mail that gets sent to meeting moderators (and that is often forwarded on directly to meeting participants) so that it is a bit less cryptic than in the past.  Hopefully for any of you who participate in Web conferences with IBMers it will be a lot easier to follow.

Chris also linked to the presentation he and Matthew Simpson delivered at Lotusphere on IBM's deployment of Sametime.  There are some interesting stats in there.  For example, IBM averages over 1,000 Web conferences a day, and racked up a total of 118 million connection minutes during 2006!