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IBM Lotus Sametime Mobile clients available

Starting today, active Sametime license holders can download the new IBM Lotus Sametime Mobile clients from Passport Advantage.  No additional purchase required.  

Having used alpha and beta versions of the client on my BlackBerry 8700 for the last few months, I can tell you that the team who built these (and hats off to them) did a great job bringing the new, rich functionality available on the desktop Sametime 7.5 client to the mobile device.  I can also tell you that when a critical customer situation is blowing up and you're stuck standing in an endless line at Logan airport, it's a real life saver.  Probably my favorite feature - the automatic contact information lookup (similar to the hover-over "business card" from the desktop client), including the ability to click on the phone number and start a call with them.

Feature highlights include:

  • Quick-search and auto-sort within IM contact list
  • Organized view to manage multiple chats
  • Auto-store/auto-retrieve chat history between chat sessions
  • Contact information lookup (e.g., contact photos, job title, phone number)
  • Emoticon support
  • Vibrate notification for alerts
  • Leverage phone or VoIP stack of device to place calls or voice chats
  • Selective Do Not Disturb
  • Power/Bandwidth management

And, while I'm using it on a BlackBerry, clients are available across a number of operating systems and devices:
  • RIM BlackBerry:  Devices include BlackBerry 8700, BlackBerry 71xx, BlackBerry 72xx/77xx
  • Symbian:  Devices include Nokia E61/E70
  • Windows Mobile v5:  Devices include Sprint / HTC 6700, HP iPAQ hx2790, Dell Axiom x51v, Motorola Q (Smartphone)
  • Windows Mobile 2003:  Devices include HP iPaq H6315

I'll update the post with a link to resources on or DeveloperWorks later in the day.

Update 1:
 Sametime Mobile does require that you run CF1.  More details here.

Update 2:
 IBM Lotus Sametime Mobile 7.5 user guide available here.  Server install/configuration is included with the Sametime 7.5 content here.
Update 3:  DeveloperWorks page