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IBM Launches Health Analytics Center

IBM yesterday announced the launch of a Health Analytics Center in Dallas, Tx.  From the press release:

DALLAS - 03 Nov 2009:  IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the launch of its Health Analytics Solution Center, part of a network of global centers addressing the growing demand for advanced analytics needed to help hospitals and medical staff improve decision-making and provide higher quality care.

The center will be hosted in the IBM Global Solution Center in Dallas and will employ more than 100 health analytics experts, technical architects and specialists, with access to hundreds more health industry experts from across IBM, including experts from IBM's Business Analytics and Optimization consulting organization and IBM Research.
"Tapping into mountains of data within hospitals and clinics can provide powerful new insight into what's working and what isn't," said Dwight Carter, CIO of the Dallas Fort Worth Hospital Council. "New analytics technology makes it possible to see important health trends and allow physicians and hospitals to design more effective treatments. As hospitals become more interconnected in the future, this will be an especially powerful tool for hospitals, physicians and patients alike."  

IBM has opened or will be opening six other analytics solution centers in Berlin, Beijing, Tokyo, New York City, London and Washington, D.C. As part of this initiative, IBM expects to retrain or hire as many as 4,000 new analytics consultants and professionals globally. 

Link:  IBM Launches Health Analytics Center