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IBM to provide free training on analytics, information management and big data

IBM announced yesterday the launch of a new skills initiative to help students, businesses and IBM Business Partners improve their ability to apply IBM analytics, information management and big data technology.  The skills initiative provides IT professionals no-charge access to 1,200 on-site skills bootcamps at client, partner and university locations worldwide, at 38 IBM Innovation Centers and online at   (Press Release:  IBM Launches Global Bootcamps to Help Companies Tackle Big Data Challenges)

Under the new initiative, IT professionals and students get hands on training to learn:

  • How to use InfoSphere, DB2, Informix, Optim and Guardium software to manage and integrate data flowing across and into their organization
  • "Big Data" management and analysis skills including data federation, integration and warehousing techniques using InfoSphere BigInsights, Streams, Warehouse and Information Server software
  • Advanced skills such as data management planning, data governance, quality and security strategies
  • Where to take advantage of free exams and testing to become certified on IBM Software in support of career advancement

While we of course have a vested interest in getting more people proficient in IBM technology, the press release highlights why these skills are so important in general right how:
Businesses today are looking for disruptive technologies like Watson to help them capitalize on the growing volume, variety and velocity of information known as "Big Data." This includes the massive amount of public information available on the Web, information generated by sensors, mobile devices, social networks, cloud computing and public sources of information not integrated into a company's existing information management platform.
Making sense of Big Data requires a new set of skills that many IT professionals do not possess today.  The skills bootcamps will cover topics such as Big Data, analytics, data management and open source technologies including Hadoop and Eclipse tools.

To see a full list of the 1,200 bootcamps and register for ones in your location and field of interest, please see here.  

More information on IBM's Big Data initiative can be found here, and details on the DB2 Academic Certification program are available here.