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New IBM Informix 11.7 (Panther) database now available

IBM has released the new IBM Informix 11.7 (Panther) database software today.  From the press release (IBM Helps Organizations Boost Business Performance With New Informix Database Software):

ARMONK, N.Y.- 13 Oct 2010: IBM (NYSE: IBM) today unveiled new Informix database software designed to help clients cut costs and respond quickly to market trends. The new version of IBM Informix software helps clients and partners speed the deployment of critical business solutions at lower cost while boosting performance by as much as 50%.
New performance capabilities in IBM’s Informix software make it easier and faster to power business analytics along with transactional applications – boosting performance by as much as 50%. Higher performance means clients need fewer servers, and less space, power, and cooling resources. To handle the ever growing volume of data, the new software also includes innovative time series data management and data compression – minimizing storage space by as much as 66% compared to competitive solutions.

IBM is also introducing the new IBM Informix Flexible Grid that gives clients the flexibility to scale data management across regional or global clusters while mixing different hardware and operating systems....This easy-to-deploy and manage innovation lowers operating costs by reducing the need for new hardware, and reducing administration time up to 80%.

Click through to the full press release for additional details and examples of the client and partner momentum Informix is seeing (including quantified benefits being seen by organizations such as DHL, M Systems International, QueBIT and Oncor, and Rol Manufacturing).  

To cite just one example:  "'Our initial testing has shown that with an Informix based solution we are able to reduce the storage requirements by two thirds and speed the query performance up to 60 times compared to the existing solution,' said  Donny Helm, Director Technology, Strategy, & Architecture at Oncor."