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IBM Completes Acquisition of SPSS

Image:IBM Completes Acquisition of SPSS

IBM on Friday completed the acquisition of SPSS, Inc.  From the press release:

With this acquisition, IBM expands its focus on business analytics and optimization designed to meet growing customer needs to cut costs, reduce risk and drive profitable growth.  The acquisition, along with IBM’s existing software and services portfolio, will enable business leaders and CIOs to leverage trusted information and analytics for better, faster decisions and continuous optimization throughout the organization.

The addition of SPSS will help IBM deliver market-leading, comprehensive predictive analytics capabilities including data collection for market research and feedback management, text and data mining, advanced statistical analysis and predictive solutions, enabling customers to gain insights into complex questions, predict potential future outcomes and take action. highlights some of the other reasons why it's important that SPSS is joining IBM.  It will let businesses gain better insights into their customers and their business, allowing them to make more accurate, predictive decisions.  Examples include:
  • Quickly sifting through key information about customer behavior or attitudes to optimize marketing campaigns
  • Call center effectiveness
  • Identifying fraudulent activity

And, of course, I am pleased to extend a personal welcome to my new colleagues from SPSS.  It's great to have you join us!