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IBM Business Partner Showcase for Lotus Sametime

The IBM Business Partner Showcase for Lotus Sametime is now live.  If you're looking for solutions to enhance your Sametime deployment, or maybe a telephony or video solution that can integrate with Sametime, this is the place to start to find product information, demos, and contacts.  Think of it like the virtual equivalent of an expo floor at a convention.

So far the showcase includes around two-dozen vendors across a variety of categories, such as applications, audio/video conferencing, IM Security, Monitoring and Solution/Service providers, to name just a few.  I expect this list to continue to grow (and if you provide services or solutions for Sametime and want to be included, drop an e-mail to Sametime @ and we'll get things in the works for you, too.)

Oh - this shouldn't be confused with the plugin catalog, which should be available shortly.  The plug-in catalog will contain details and links back to where you can download or purchase fully functional plugins for Sametime 7.5.  More details on this to come soon.