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IBM BigInsights 1.4 now Available

As Marius Butuc has posted over on his blog (Expand and Update your BigInsights), IBM has just released version 1.4 of IBM BigInsights.

There are some notable points about this new release.  First off, it is available for both private deployment and deployment on public clouds.  As Marius points out, "anyone can create their own Hadoop cluster (based on BigInsights v1.4) on the Cloud in less than 30 minutes."  The new release also brings support for Cloudera Distributions of Apache Hadoop (CDH), which means you can run BigInsights with the IBM provided Apache Hadoop distribution or you can deploy it to a Cloudera CDH cluster. 

IBM BigInsights 1.4 also brings advances in consumability and usability (an enhanced user experience for text analytics, new developer tools, and a number of new customization capabilities for BigSheets and the web console.)

BigInsights v1.4 available for deployment on public clouds

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